Building an .MSI package

In this example we’ll pack some fonts into an .msi package that will be deployed to users via SCCM.

Get the Registry Settings

  1. Manually Install the fonts in question on your own PC (because it is easier to copy the registry entries).
  2. Launch RegEdit and expand to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts
  3. Click FILE > EXPORT and save the file as some name you like
  4. Open the resulting .REG file with Notepad and remove all references to other font

Use the Freeware Version of Advanced Installer to Build and .MSI

  1. Download and install the freeware version of Advanced Installer then start itSelect NEW > INSTALLER > scroll down in the right window and select SIMPLE, then click the CREATE PROJECT button
  2. Enter a PRODUCT NAME and a COMPANY NAME if you wish
  3. Scroll down and select the DISABLE MODIFY check box – this is not required but might confuse users if it is left on
  4. From the left menu select INSTALL PARAMTERS and select the LIMIT TO BASIC USER INTERFACE checkbox
  5. From the left menu select FILES AND FOLDERS and expand TARGET COMPUTER > WINDOWS VOLUME > WINDOWS > FONTS
  6. From the top menu select FILES and select the fonts files
  7. From the top menu select IMPORT REG and point to the REG file you created in the GET REGISTRY SETTINGS section above
  8. From the top menu select FILE > SAVE AS and name your project what you like
  9. From the top menu select HOME tab, select BUILD and name your .MSI what you like
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